Why AdMetricsPro

We create programmatic solutions for publishers so they can best monetize their content by connecting
with leading advertisers that value their audiences.

Thirteen years plus of market innovation:

2009: Real time bidding was created and AdMetricsPro ran in tandem with Index Exchange.
2010: Google launched DFP and AdMetricsPro was in the forefront as a beta user.
2015: AppNexus launched Pre-bid and AdMetricsPro was a beta user.
2016: Google allowed ad refresh on desktop ads and AdMetricsPro adopts into their technology
2016: AdMetricsPro runs all first price auctions in their technology across multiple channels.
2016: AdMetricsPro adds header bidding technology for mobile web traffic.
2017: AdMetricsPro files patents for its Multi-Channel, Header-Bidder Technology, Quantum Demand™.
2018: AdMetricsPro files patents for its Systems and Methods for Selectively Refreshing Advertising Content.
2018: AdMetricsPro files patents for its Systems and Methods for Facilitating Reporting of Objectionable Advertising.
2018: AdMetricsPro developed a specialized video tag that runs independent of Google GAM (DFP) for increased revenue.
2018: AdMetricsPro has a certified CMP to manage GDPR compliance laws.
2018: AdMetricsPro licensed, integrated ad quality software in network to block redirects and malware from bad ad creatives.
2019: AdMetricsPro serves 1.2 billon ads per month for its publishers
2020: AdMetricsPro has a certified a CMP to manage CCPA compliance laws.
2020: AdMetricsPro serves 2.0 billon ads per month for its publishers
2020: AdMetricsPro launches a ad blocker recovery system with built in membership subscription system.
2019: AdMetricsPro receives a patent from the USPTO for its Systems and Methods for Facilitating Reporting of Objectionable Advertising. Patent 10,943,258
2019: AdMetricsPro receives a patent from the USPTO for its Systems and Methods for Selectively Refreshing Adverting Content. Patent 10,929,893
2021: AdMetricsPro launches a multi-channel video ad unit.
2021: AdMetricsPro becomes an AdExchange MCM channel partner with Google and converts to the Google enterprise server (GAM360).
2022: AdMetricsPro receives a patent from the USPTO for Multi-Channel Header Bidding Technology, Quantum Demand™. Patent 11,263,669
2022: AdMetricsPro developed a lazy load and viewable refresh with active tab monitoring into their technology.
2022: AdMetricsPro becomes a COPPA certified network that can process Sites that serve the demographic of children under 16 year old.

AdMetricsPro is an independent advertising network whose technology connects websites to the largest collection of Ad Exchanges and Agencies in the industry. Our technology enables high traffic websites to be connected to tens of thousands of the top brands that will want to buy advertising to reach their targeted audience. The company stands as a recognized leader in scale, quality, and performance, delivering value to the publisher’s in their network.

Having its roots in publishing since 2009, AdMetricsPro understands driving traffic and matching revenue to meet traffic in the most rewarding manner possible. As publishers, we worked with Google AdExchange and Google Open Bidding, pre-bid header that includes Amazon, Conversant, Index Exchange, Magnite, OpenX, PubMatic, Unruly, Sharethrough, Sovrn, TripleLift and Yahoo to name a few. We realized that all of the solutions that were in the marketplace had two fundamental faults with them.

First, they were built to serve the buyers, not the publishers. These buyer-centric solutions would only include a protected group of buyers to take the most valuable inventory. This group of buyers would be connected to the Ad Exchange or Agency that was providing the programmatic solution, thus omitting other large competitors for that inventory. The second problem was publishers could only have a limited number of buyers in that single channel.

There is only so much information that can be transmitted through one channel for programmatic buying. The end result is that 75% to 80% of the traffic goes unfilled and must rely on non-market-driven price systems such as AdSense or fixed-price contract placed in line items (waterfalls) in the ad server. This puts the problem of monetization back on the publisher.

Publishers trying to build their own programmatic solution quickly realized that there’s only so much demand that can be pushed through a single channel header-bidding solution. Publishers trying to push bids to seven demand partners in a pre-bid stack can’t get the bids back in time. Over years testing out network after network only to find the performance never lived up to promised delivery, AdMetricsPro built its own network from the ground up.

AdMetricPro’s technology approaches the problem from the publisher’s point of view. We are buyer-agnostic and realize that in an auction environment the more buyers you have in the auction the more revenue you will make with your ad inventory.

AdMetricsPro addressed the two problems of protected buyers and limited buyers. The solution is extremely simple and elegant. We build a container that connected into the largest Ad Exchanges and allowed all the demand channels to work in parallel. This allowed us to allow exchanges to bid in the auction. The channels are a mixture of client-side and server-side connections which gives us a hybrid approach to increase the bidder to the website’s inventory without hurting user experience on the site.

Additionally, AdMetricsPro has developed in-demand sources without affecting user experience or maxing out the user’s browser and slowing down the site. This led us to develop Quantum Demand™ which is our patent-pending solution utilizing the first multi-channel demand tech to scale your revenue today.

Our clients currently utilizing Quantum Demand™ are experiencing on average 2X-5X increase in revenue. This is not your standard pre-bid. Quantum Demand™ is a proprietary and patent-pending technology that can’t be found with any other monetization platform.

While Quantum Demand™ is currently at the forefront, we know that technology moves fast and that is why we are always working on new solutions to keep our partners ahead of the curve.

Publisher Focused

Publishers work with AdMetricsPro because of our commitment to quality and our ability to deliver highly efficient and scalable ad solutions. Our publisher-centric approach to website monetization yields both high RPMs and an engaging experience for site visitors. We take a holistic approach to bring you greater overall revenue lift instead of just focusing on a small incremental lift. This approach has resulted in incredible growth for our partners, which on average experience a 2X-5X overall revenue lift. Because of our background in publishing, our full suite of solutions solves the real pain points of being a publisher.  

Innovating for the Future.

Investment in high-quality teams and technology enables us to transact ever increasing value for clients as the industry expands to new platforms and screens. Our new video ad unit is a shining example of this innovation.

Our Mission

We create awesome programmatic marketplaces. By remaining focused on creating powerful and effective publisher solutions, we have created a highly efficient programmatic platform that provides exceptional value for our publishers.

A quality, trusted partner

Our ad quality resolution system not only monitors for low quality ads but removes them. Being a site owner is a lot more work than most people realize. That’s why it’s important that you don’t add additional pain points that could easily be solved by working with the right monetization partner. Our team is always developing new technology that not only improves ad performance but also user experience. We have quality demand and our own solutions to make sure users stay on your site and have a fantastic experience.

UX is crucial

We know that user experience is a very crucial factor when deciding how to best monetize your site. We are constantly measuring and monitoring how users engage with your site to ensure your site not only survives but thrives beyond industry norms. Another part of making sure users enjoy your site is avoiding bad ads. That’s why we build a proprietary ad quality resolution system that not only monitors for low-quality ads and redirects, but removes and blocks them. This is just one of the many tools our team has built to help you maintain the highest standards of your site.

Transparent reporting

We provide simple and straightforward reporting including detailed data designed to help you grow your business.

First-in-class support

When you choose to work with AdMetricsPro you are a partner, not a number. We know that how much you trust us with your site and that’s why every site we work with received premium support.


We believe smart minds are imperative to AdTech and we love working in a team that shares this approach. Meet the AdmetricsPro leadership team.

Meet the AMP team. We’re bridging the gap between the world’s oldest and largest industry and a future where technology can be used to solve publishers problems.

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